Should E-commerce companies be allowed to sell medicine?

Last year Amazon gained approvals for wholesale pharmacy licenses in 12 states.

For now, CVS Health is the leading online pharmacy in the US, but Amazon has the advantage of its Prime membership offers and is expected to work closely with drug manufacturers.

It is estimated that online prescription orders account for nearly 23% of the $465 billion worth of pharmaceuticals sold in the US.

Dangers of buying medicine online

Misuse of pharmaceuticals can have devastating effects, but can be overcome by offering counseling to buyers prior to their checking out.

Another issue is the possibility of delays in the delivery of prescriptions purchased online, especially when the prescription is for a serious condition that requires that the patient take the medication immediately.

Individuals who are concerned about the authenticity of their medicine can verify it by checking the meditag holographic security label and the distinctive eight-digit registration number.

How would the service benefit buyers?

The major benefit is that it makes medicine more accessible, which is especially useful for people who require ongoing treatments for conditions such as type 2 diabetes.

Patients can set up an automatic system and regular shipping to their place of residence, which would work well with Amazon’s Prime membership service.

They would also save on travel expenses and be less likely to miss their prescriptions, as they would always have them on hand.

In short, there would be an overall improvement in the supply chain.

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