Best Biotechnology Companies in Bangalore

Biotech is the company is something which has been coming up with so much innovation and they have been also bringing some of the hottest technology for the future and they will play some best role in the field of refining the economy of India. if you are taking about a biotech company then how we can forget that currently in India there is the biggest employer for biotech. if you are in big cities or in town where you have some of the best projects but you need to have some of the best places in the company.

In the few years, the growth of biotech Companies in India is been faster we shall feel proud about it. India is a country that has been ranked as 12 Biotech destinations in the world and it has been ranked as third In Asia. In India, the Biotech company is doing so great that it can touch USD 100 billion by 2015. In this content, we are going to mention some of the biotech companies Bangalore.

Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises

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This company was formed for non-profit sectors which represents the Indian Biotechnology Sector. The company was developed for accelerate the pace of growth of the biotechnology sectors with partnering with the government for delivering optimal policies and creating a positive regulatory environment.


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Accerlys is a scientific informatics software and services company which is used for life sciences, chemical and material research and development. This company has many platforms which accelerates the innovation through rapid integration. Also, using this acccelrys technology which can access, organize , analyse and share data in unprecedented ways and reducing costs during the manufacturing.

Alferm Biotec Private limited


This company is known for top biotech companies Bangalore which are leading in trader & supplier of cellulase, Maltase, invertase and setup for customer-oriented organization for building long term customer relationship that can deliver the best possible products and services for the customers. The goal of this company is to pursue high quality and meet customer demands. Even this provides services to different industries and customers of different sizes.

Well, above industries are known for top biotech companies Bangalore that can offer best services in terms of technology to the biotechnology industry. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about best biotechnology companies in Bangalore.  Thanks for reading!